Building and sustaining the Thirroul Electrical Business has been founded on consistency of products competitive solutions and a strong customer service model. 

Our service delivery, care and industry innovation are aligned with the particular requirement of our customers. When we consider maintenance services and solutions, we look after your best interest.

At TES, we provide a wide range of services to all industry sectors including residential, schools, stratas, schools, real estates, commercial and industrial. 

We trust that effective preventative maintenance not only ensures your environment and your people are safe but also reduces incidences due to electrical failure.

General Services offered are: 

  • Safety Tagging

  • General Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Compliance Maintenance

  • And more...

Maintenance Services


We take OH&S (HSE) very seriously, and so do our customers.

Testing and tagging  saves lives. 

We offer the highests standard in testing and guarantee our work is in line with national and international standards including ISO9001, OHSAS 18001 AS/NZ4801

When choosing Thirroul Electrical, you can trust you are using the right team to support your business.


At Thirroul Electrical, we design cost-effective preventative maintenance services to ensure your equiment and eletrical services are running at maximum efficience at all times, in turn increasing safety and reducing downtime and emergencies.


Sometimes, our customers have not taken the time to schedule a preventative maintenance programme and quite often leading to poorer efficiency,and increased downtime but also emergencies. 

Need not worry, our accredited electricians are trained to handle most issues requiring immediate maintenance and emergency works. 

Our services are 24/7 and our reliability is impeccable.


In many environments and inustry verticals, legislation dictates that compliance maintenance programmes be implemented but also mamaged by a certified electrical company.

Our business ensures that your business has impeccable standard in safety policies, procedures and programmes and that your onsite preventative, reactive and  compliance maintenance meets the highest standards.