Solar Energy Packages

Solar energy continues to be reinvented and we continue to stay abreast of new technologies and ideas.

Take charge in harnessing the sunpower by accessing low cost options available to you.

Take control of your energy, save the planet & save by selecting TES' Solar Packages, customised to suit your home and your budget!

TES Advantages

Having serviced the Illawarra for 20 years, we have come to learn how to better supports the residents of the area and are able to service all areas quicker and more efficiently. 

We continue to empower Illawarra home owners to be more efficient.

Take advantage of the sun's power by accessing low-cost, clean energy all day, every day!


electrical & solar trained, llicensed, 

accredited and certified 

quality Quarantee

premium supplier of quality products and solutions


on all installations, products, systems and solutions


no matter what you need, we'll be there for you!


The Solar Difference

In you purchasing the equivalent of a 4Kw solar system means much more than just the saving you will make. Over the 25 years of the life of your system, you will mitigate greenhouse emission by:


petrol cars off the road for one year


acres of forest saved in one year


barrells of oil consumed


homes powered for an entire year


tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

These figures definitely will give you something to talk about. 

Over the next 25 years, it is clear that the power you will save from using the grid will only improve over time

and will certainly mean even more to the future of our earth and your kids...